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'The Plumbob is a green crystal used in most titles of The Sims series to identify the character selected and to which the player can give commands. It is also used to show the mood of playable Sims'. (The Wiki Sims)

One of a series of objects selected for the R&B Artist note book project.

In order to qualify for the pages of the fictitious books the proposed object had to fulfil various criteria.

The 'Plumbob' qualified by being an object of no substance, not only digital but even within the 'Sims' game the characters are seemly unaware of this floating jewel.

'Show-in-my- Shoe' was one of the first appearances of the 'Bob' emerging from the fiery hell of a shoe.

It set the idea in motion that the 'Bob' might fleeting appear in unlikely spaces and events.

In a shower, at a party, at a club, in a crypt, some times by a small hand held projector an object that didn't need permission to arise.

Plumbob Show in My Shoe.


'In the shower


'On Elba Italy


The Crypt of the Dissenters Chaple



'The Liberal Club Peckham London


'In the corner

House party London


'On the speakers

London Studio

Sound Alex Ellerington



During the opening

On this occasion the Plumbob was programmed to behave erratically unless it was tended by the hand of the artist.

This continual need to return to the control panel to steady the object set ting up a tension between the Artist and the Plumbob.

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