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Moving periodically between London and Siena a strategy was devised to acknowledge this migration the end resulted being a work that seemed not to be situated in either place.


A collection of rose cuttings twigs were packed into take-away food containers for transportation.

At arrival these were unpacked, assembled into small structures, draw, dissembled, and packed away, this process being repeated through the year, drawings being produced at both locations.


These drawing then were traced on to translucent paper producing a wavering multicoloured images the originals drawings were then discarded. 


This flattering effect of the trace with its ability to remove the sense of a specific time and place causing a shift to the paper and its marks as new object.


The elaborate strategy now superfluous as the tracings are traced and retraced.The question of location, time and place remove, leaving just the papers presents and the uncertain line of skeletal stuctures hanging in space.

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