Wells Contemporary Art 2022

Enter Now Web Animation 2022

Wells drop 2.png
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Paper draped over partition with animation still

WCA Proposal


‘Enter now 2022’ 




The departing point for this work is a screen shot of the WCA entry form with its caption ‘Enter now’


The proposed work plays with the conventions of the partitioned exhibition space by refusing to be contained by its rectangular spaces, spilling out and wraps itself around the supporting structure.


I would like this work to fall in the category of installation as I see it questioning the temporary hanging space within the Cathedral.


The printed length of paper emerges from the ongoing project ‘Roll’ ( 2021-22)


The aim of this project is to produce a ream of printed paper that provides the source material for peripheral works as they arise.


Flowing along the length of the roll are a series of wood-block printed patterns, which are generated digitally and use motifs lifted from a simulated  artist’s notebook archive.


As material is removed from the body of the roll to produce peripheral works, the incisions are either repaired or reinstated and this disruption produces an increasing complexity in the interwoven printed patterns and in the roll’s structure. ( examples of these interventions are shown on the website)


The mockup shows an early printed drop but what will be delivered on the day will depend on the current state of the evolving roll.


In addition to the paper drop I would like to hang a video still from the ‘Enter now’ animation to suggest that all aspects of the ‘Rolls’ production are in play from the ubiquitous application form through to the temporary resting place of the exhibition.


Andrew James 

Detail of Drop